Stealth goes vegan

Stealth Secret Training has added a brand new vegan option to its range of sports nutrition.

The gluten-free and high protein Vegan Recovery Protein Drink Mix is available in a ‘mint chocolate’ flavour and was produced using a combination of pea and rice protein.

The new recovery drink contains all of the amino acid building blocks to support ‘optimum recovery and adaptation’, and is better tolerated by those that find it difficult to consume milk-based protein mixes.

A ‘complete exercise recovery product’, it is also fortified with vitamins and minerals, including zinc, often found short in vegetarian/vegan diets, which, away from performance benefits can also have an impact on heart health.

Tim Lawson, Secret Training founder, said: “As someone who cannot tolerate milk products, with a sports-mad daughter with a similar intolerance, I was keen to produce a clean vegan protein recovery solution that would both perform, and I’d be happy for a young athlete to take.

“The final push came from our pro tour teams who had similar requirements. Pea and rice proteins have improved so much over the last years it is now possible to produce a great tasting vegan protein without turning to soy.”

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