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SRAM: ‘UK demand is on the up’

According to SRAM, its product is increasingly sought-after on UK shores.

SRAM Road’s Gaetan Vetois told BikeBiz: “Over the last year in the United Kingdom, the demand for SRAM Road products has increased significantly. Dealers have shown a great interest in SRAM Road products, and feel the need to offer SRAM products in their stores.”

Equipping the bikes of Alberto Contador, Lance Armstrong and Andy Schleck at the Tour de France has the potential to provide sales uplift, according to the firm: “SRAM Red sweeping the Tour de France podium is definitely great news. It is also the confirmation that SRAM products can perform at the highest racing level, in the toughest conditions and come out on top.”

Vetois added: “More specifically to the impact of the Tour de France on SRAM product demand at retail, it is too early to extract concrete information. Nonetheless, we are confident that such a success is a clear quality statement and will keep the momentum going.”

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