SRAM teams up with Philly Bike Expo to support frame builder diversity initiative

The Philly Bike Expo has announced a new initiative with SRAM, supporting diversity, equity and inclusion.

SRAM is sponsoring the PBE Inclusivity Scholarship supporting frame builders who have been underrepresented at bike shows and in the industry at large. The inaugural class consists of Moth Attack, Pedalino Bikes, Schon Studio and Untitled Cycles.

“While the bicycle brings great freedom, the bike industry itself is not always the most welcoming place. At SRAM, we aim to support the people, groups, and events working to change that. The energy that small builders bring is super inspiring. We want to recognise them and help shine a spotlight on these four amazing builders who come from underrepresented groups in the industry,” said SRAM road brand manager Kate Powlison.

Jackie Mautner of Untitled Cycles added: “I’m grateful to receive this scholarship as a boost for the community and excited to leverage this opportunity towards the goal of uplifting and growing opportunity for other women/trans/non-binary builders.”

The PBE Inclusivity Scholarship will fund builder travel and booth fees, as well as their show build. Megan Dean of Moth Attack said: “It’s amazing to be able to work with a brand like SRAM not only to take the edge off trade show pressures but also bring together and highlight a group who is often not represented. I’m looking forward to inspiring the next generation of custom frame builders!”

Philly Bike Expo director Bina Bilenky added: “The Philly Bike Expo and SRAM are combining efforts to contribute to the process of change in the bike industry. We celebrate the art, labour, creation and expertise of all who ride and build.”

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