Two licence agreements signed with other brands looking to offer precision chainrings

SRAM licences X-Sync tech to others

SRAM has licenced its X-Sync chainring technology out for industry brands to take advantage of – with the Accell Group and Chromag early adopters.

On the market for the past two years, the single ring 1X drivetrains with X-Sync chainrings are fast-becoming a popular choice. Accell and Chromag are set to manufacture their own X-Sync rings for distribution through their own networks. Both suppliers will continue to use and support all SRAM 1X™ Drivetrain components in addition to this license.

Since Sram’s German engineering team created the technology, the label has filed numerous patent applications on narrow-wide/thick-thin tooth geometry.

SRAM reserves the right to enforce its intellectual property in all matters relating to X-SYNC.

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