There’s a time and a place for negative campaigning – and it’s not “always” and “everywhere”.

Spread the joy – and practicality – of cycling

It’s clearly important that planners and politicians get to hear our road safety and road justice messages but let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater. Let’s also advocate for cycling’s many benefits – and that includes the fact that cycling gives you a kick of endorphins and can be exhilarating as well as practical and freedom-enhancing.

To that end I started a hashtag on Twitter: #gotintocycling (Update – thanks to lots of lovely, heartwarming mini-stories, the hashtag was the top-trend on Twitter.)

Some industry types have started contributing to it but it’s mainly cyclists sharing why they got hooked, how they "got into cycling."

Here are a few samples from the meme. Hopefully it’ll grow, passing on the positive messaging to others. As @imaderbygirl said on Twitter: "If the people who are actually [advocating for cycling] can’t be positive what hope for anyone else?"

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