Sportswear brand Nalini to sponsor Team Bahrain Victorious

Sportswear brand Nalini is the new sponsor of Team Bahrain Victorious.

“In a very difficult year for professional cycling, where the easiest choice would have been to take a step backwards,” said owner Claudio Mantovani, “Nalini, a brand which historically has always been close to the world of professional cycling, decided, once again, to be present and become the new partner of a team at the highest level as Bahrain Victorious.

“The spirit that guides us is closely tied to a value of cycling known as resilience and the drive to cross the finish line despite the obstacles. Ours is meant to be a message to everyone: let’s look forward with optimism and support this extraordinary sport with genuine team spirit.”

Performance apparel designed by Nalini, in collaboration with the team, includes jerseys, bib tights, jackets and accessories including underwear, socks and supply bags. The replica uniforms will be available later this year in the specialised sales dealer and e-commerce networks.

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