Just £1000 a year? Bargain!

Sport cyclists spend £1000+ per year (and not just on Rapha shorts)

A survey done on behalf of Santander has found that sport cyclists spend £88 per month on kit, travel to events and club membership fees. Footballers spend nearly twice this amount, forking out £141 a month. However, it’s golfers who spend the most on their sport, splashing £214 every month.

The Santander survey was commissioned to plug Spendlytics, a new finances tracking app.

Opinium Research interviewed 2007 adults in September last year and asked them how much they spent on taking part in sport. 23 percent of those surveyed lose track of how much they spend. In fact, one in 10 golfers, tennis players and cyclists are said to hide their monthly expenditure from their significant others. 

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