Which is a bummer for Kevin Harriman of Smell the Adrenalin who has spent two and a half years developing the brand within the UK market

Spooky goes direct

Spooky has decided to deal with all UK distribution direct, cutting out Smell the Adrenalin. Kevin Harriman is aggrieved that Spooky appear to be suggesting this was a mutual arrangment.

We have no desire to see this brand fail and to that end we would support the continued sales of Spooky products within the UK. However the idea that this was a mutually agreed policy is far from correct. We were not involved in this decision in any way and in fact in some instances third parties were informed before we were, complains Harriman.

Spooky will be handling all orders, after sales support and all warranties direct from their New York office.

Some [dealers] may have been shown a new Titanium frame on a recent visit from Spooky. [They should] be aware that the frame was paid for by Smell the Adrenalin from a Swedish manufacturer and sent to Spooky for quality assessment and is therefore not a Spooky product.

I am unable to make any further comments regarding Spooky Cycles at this stage as we are currently seeking legal advice for the persuance of monies owing to Smell the Adrenalin by Spooky cycles.

Smell the Adrenalin will continue to distribute Intense Cycles and Nema brand clothing within the UK and will continue work on their e-commerce venture, www.Bike-Kit.com

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