The Singletrack art expo at Towneley Hall in Lancashire is now open, but has no bike trade sponsor. The event has already been featured in The Independent on Sunday, and other newspapers and mags will run puff pieces in due course. 100 000 people are likely to attend the exhibition, many of them new to cycling.

Sponsorship opportunity going begging

The sponsor’s cash will go on getting better prints done of the excellent MTB imagery and other ways of beefing up the feel of the expo.

"All we ask is a sponsor to come along and help us out with the cost of showing this thing. Cost is negotiable but will most certainly work out to be the cheapest sponsorship deal per visitor of any event run this year," said Singletrack’s Mark Alker.

"In return the sponsor gets the usual logo treatment, including prominent positioning on all posters and calendars as well as within the gallery itself and on all publicity material sent out."

Singletrack magazine is running a double page spread on the expo in the next issue. What Mountain Bike and MBUK are also about to run features on it.

But quite aside from the cycle press, there’s also scope for reaching ‘outside the box’, said Alker.

"We are targeting local schools who will be bringing kids by the coach load to see it.

"This exhibition is not about mountain bikes, it’s about inspiring the general public to go out and give it a go. Isn’t that exactly what the bike industry is crying out for just now?

"We have started something totally original, something that is already turning people’s heads. And we are talking the general public here, not just experienced mountain bikers. In fact, it’s the type of people who will probably leave the exhibition inspired enough to go home and drag out there old bike from the shed, take it down the local bike shop to have it fixed and then go out and ride it for the first time in years."

To get a handle on how much Singletrack is after (and it’s not a lot) call Julie Dymond on

01454 228653.

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