Speedplay began receiving where-can-I-buy-them inquiries when the distinctive red Zero pedals started appeared on the bicycles of Tyler Hamilton, Andrea Tafi and the rest of Team CSC. Now, thanks to the interest, Speedplay has produced a set for resale. In red.

Speedplay produce special-edition pedals. They’re red.

"I was really impressed by the amount of interest Speedplay received from the red Zeros," said Speedplay designer and CEO Richard Bryne.

"There has been a lot of media coverage of the team. People noticed in photographs that the guys on the team were using red pedals and wanted to know if they could buy them."

While Team CSC competes on Zero titanium pedals, Speedplay will offer the CSC Team Edition Zero in both titanium and stainless steel. Both pedal systems are Team CSC red, but the titanium version can be identified by its silver end caps. The stainless steel version has Speedplay’s standard black end caps.

"We were very pleased that Speedplay produced a special red pedal for the team when we asked," said CSC team manager Bjarne Riis.

"And because of so many inquiries from followers of the team, it is important that Speedplay will now produce this pedal for consumers."

OK, so making the pedals in a team colour, and then making the team kit available on the aftermarket, is not exactly the innovation of the year, but all credit to Speedplay, their pedals are knee-saving wonders (and not only because the editor of BikeBiz.co.uk swears by his).

And think clipless pedals are an innovation of the 1980s? Check out the timeline on Speedplay’s website, it’ll knock your little white socks off.


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