If you sell inline skates youre going to like this bike computer conversion gizmo from Sigma Sport...

Speed skating

The Inline Speed Chip from Sigma Sport converts the revolutions of a skate wheel into information that can be displayed on any of Sigmas Topline bike computers.

The computer is held in place on the fastenings of the skate boot.

The kit can be sold as an add-on for existing Topline users or as part of a set.

Other Sigma Sport news includes the launch of three new heart rate monitors (with the PC3 retailing for just £34.95) and the addition of Venice Beach sports shades to the existing Sigma Sport eyewear range. This has rimless lenses and head hugging side bars to hold them in position during the most radical of moves without making your eyes water. They will retail at £14.99.

Tel: 01926 624031

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