The new Specialized S-Works Mondo tyre (Photo: Eloise Mavian /

Specialized reinvents the tyre with new S-Works Mondo

Specialized has just dropped its newest endurance all-road tyre, the S-Works Mondo. 

Designed to remove the choice between speed and durability, the new Mondo is designed to offer long tread-life, puncture protection, and a fast rolling speed, to make it a ‘go anywhere’ bit of kit. 

Made from Specialized’s T2 Gripton compound in the centre, with the T5 compound on the shoulder for grip, and Grid Race sidewall protection, the brand says this tyre has 11% less rolling resistance than the previous leading endurance tyre, and 12% better puncture protection than Specialized’s own best. 

The Mondo will retail for £55, and will sit between the Turbo and Roubaix tyres. 

Specialized said: “Arguably the most important road tyre to launch to-date! The brand new Specialized S-Works Mondo tyre is the new benchmark endurance all-road tyre. Long mile durability, all-weather traction, incredible puncture protection – and amplified performance both in terms of rolling-resistance, which is class-leading, and lightweight. 

“The concept of a simple ‘endurance tyre’ or ‘all-weather tyre’ is dead. No longer is puncture protection and long tread-life enough. Riders want to ride every road with the perfect blend of race-like speed, insane tread life, and next-level puncture protection. The S-Works Mondo tubeless tyre was made for these riders. It’s our go-anywhere, do-anything, never-sacrifice-again tyre, and when it comes to the competition, the Mondo is untouchable.”

Specialized also launched a new saddle, the Romin EVO Pro with Mirror, which aims to protect soft tissue and bloodflow. 

It features nylon and reclaimed carbon fibre shell, and hollow titanium rails, with a 26% reduction in pressure when compared with traditional foam saddles, the brand said.


S-Works Mondo 

Price: £55
Casing: 120 TPI
Bead: Foldable 2Bliss Ready
Dual Compound: GRIPTON T2/T5
Flat Protection: GRID RACE and BlackBelt
700 x 28 mm, psi 70-95, approximate weight 310g
700 x 32 mm, psi 50-80, approximate weight 330g
700 x 35 mm, psi 50-80, approximate weight 360g

Romin EVO with Mirror
Price: £290
143 Width: 234g
155 Width: 237g  

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