"committed to becoming the leaders of sustainable practices," says Mike Sinyard

Specialized joins carbon recycling ranks

Specialized has announced it has joined the increasing number of manufacturers recycling carbon fibre. Trek annoucned the same back in April

Having joined the Outdoor Inudstry Association Eco-Index, the manufacturer has made a commitment to reducing its (ahem) carbon footprint. To ensure the recycling efforts ramp up going forwards Specialized has hired Bryant Bainbridge as their full-time sustainability strategist.

“We’re committed to becoming the leaders of sustainable practices in the cycling industry,” said Specialized president and founder Mike Sinyard. “As cyclists, we’re passionate about our time outdoors, and by nature of the sport, are tied to the health of the planet. We want to ensure this is reflected in how we manufacture bicycles, and ultimately, that the cycling industry becomes the model other industries look to on sustainability practices.”

BikeRadar has more on the story, here.

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