CoBRs Federation of Cycle Mechanics has been put on hold after its lynchpin Alan Finch resigns

Spanner thrown in the works

We got wind of this last week but the rumour that CoBRs Federation of Cycle Mechanics a direct competitor to the ACTs Cytech scheme was in trouble was denied by CoBRs Laurie Sedman.

However, in an emailed announcement, Sedman yesterday revealed that a split had, indeed, taken place.

For personal reasons not disclosed to the Directors of CoBR, Alan Finch has resigned from the position of Director of Training and returned to full time employment at Aylesbury College.

This will have no immediate affect on the CoBR Mechanics training services devised by Alan on our behalf and run for us at Aylesbury College. Also this does not affect the provision of NVQ certification services provided by Aylesbury College. (CoBR’s role in this element of the package has always been no more than promotion of the service to its members and retailers outside the group.)

However, due to the ongoing CoBR priorities of Member services, supplier

relationships and group marketing the newly created Federation of Cycle

Mechanics will be put on hold pending a complete re-assessment of the

situation over the coming months.

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