Denes Deli in Jesmond Tynesides best sandwich shop has two propped up outside and sells them as a sideline. Its the French SoleX bike/moped hybrid. And now theres a shop in London which specialises in them...

SoleX shop opens in London

We got this press release in this morning. Those IBDs who sell electric bikes and get asked for something with a bit more oomph may want to check the SoleX out….

Is it a bicycle? Is it a moped or a scooter? Who knows, but one thing is for sure – the SoleX is a cult object across Europe and has been ever since it was launched in the late

1940’s. It has been a long-time favourite for our chic European

counterparts – from French students, working men and girls about town

alike – more than 8 million have been made and sold since its launch.

And now it’s available in the UK.

This famous French powered-bicycle looks as good as the original – and

so it should. Still hand-made, using the original specifications and

equipment, the SoleX of the new millennium is as authentic as it gets.

All one needs to complete the look is a string of garlic and a beret.

If you want a more sophisticated finish, the SoleX Centre will also

retail a small selection of helmets and goggles and panniers.

Riding the SoleX couldn’t be more straightforward -start it with either

a running push or simply cycle until the engine kicks in. Et voila!

Pedalling with the engine on will also give a boost to the speed. With

a top speed of 23 miles per hour and consumption at 200 miles per

gallon, the smart way to get around – economically and with style – has

to be on the SoleX.

The first SoleX Centre opened at: 408 King’s Road, London SW10 on 1st

April 2000. Tel: +44 20 7795 0175. The bikes retail at £750

exclusive of tax, insurance and registration.


The SoleX is so simple to use it requires no ‘bikey’

know-how, but for those of you that are interested:

Engine: Ignition:

Engine type: one cylindered two Fuel capacity: 1.4 litres / 1/4 of a

stroke gallon approx.

Cylinder capacity: 49cc Range (per tankful): 100k/62.5 miles

Max power (KW ISO): 0.58 KW Consumption: 200+ mpg

Max rpm: 4000 revs./min

Max torque: at 2000 revs./min Noise level: 72-80dB

Revs. at max power: 2500 revs./min

Clutch: centrifugal automatic Fuel: unleaded fuel with 2-3% oil

Transmission: 42mm friction wheel

on the front wheel

Fuel supply: carburettor Weight: 28kg / 62lbs

Brake: Lighting:

Front brake: edge brake Front bulb: 6V / 15 W

commanded by right hand Rear bulb: 6V / 4W

lever, coupled with


Rear brake: drum brake commanded

by the left hand lever

Tyres (front and rear): Dimensions:

Size: 1.75 x 19" Length: 1.610m / 5′ 3"

Pressure: 2 bar Width: .057m / 1′ 10"

Height: 0.96m / 3′ 1"

Maximum speed: 23mph

For those who prefer layman terminology:

62.5 miles per tank

23 miles per hour maximum speed

unleaded petrol with a dash of oil

You must be 16 years or over and hold a provisional licence. The SoleX

comes with a 1 year guarantee. Road tax for the SoleX is GBP15 per

year. Insurance starts at GBP67 per year for two named drivers or

GBP115 for fully comprehensive insurance.

For further press information, to arrange a trial on a SoleX or to

borrow a bike for a prop, contact:

Saskia or Kate at Kilpatrick PR on +44 20 7381 6226

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