Ride Social now has 68,262 regular riders signed up

Social network for cyclists grows

Ride Social, British Cycling’s social network developed to help organise group rides, now has over 68,262 members.

Having grown 42 per cent in the last year, the network’s audience have thus far organised nearly 4,000 group rides, a 50 per cent jump on 2014. Within these 31,836 cyclists have participated, with 1,067 permanent community groups attributed to the social network.

Stewart Kellett, British Cycling’s Director of Recreation and Partnerships, said “Two years ago, more and more people were using the internet to exchange details, routes and people started talking to us and saying why don’t we get an online tool so people can do it more formally.

“Now we have a situation where tens of thousands of people all across the country are instigating rides via Ride Social. All you need to do is put your postcode into the website and find people posting rides at different levels. It’s a great way to get to know your local area and be active in a social, friendly environment at the same time.”

To further grow its network, Ride Social has now launched a new campaign video to encourage more people to link up for jaunts into the countryside.

The film, divided into two storylines – road cycling and mountain biking – showcases the range of cycling options available within the Ride Social network and the freedom it provides the user. Choosing to focus upon cycling’s ability to connect the rider with their environment and senses, the film takes the viewer on a journey from the ride preparations through to the post-ride socialising.


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