The Cobi handlebar bundle has won the "wearable" category of the ISPO Brandnew awards.

Smartphone handlebar gizmo wins ISPO Brandnew award

The multi-tasking Cobi handlebar bundle of Germany has won the "wearable" category of the ISPO Brandnew awards.

Cobi, short for "connected biking", combines a front and rear light with a smartphone mount with integrated charger, a bell, and an alarm. Cobi works with a number of different smartphones and works via Bluetooth.

A dynamo could also be attached to the Cobi, or electric bike users could power from their bike’s battery. 

The product has yet to ship, and starts at 179 Euros. Cobi has previously won awards from CES and Reddot.

All of the Brandnew winners will be on display at ISPO Munich, January 24-27th.

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