Smartfit looks to bring bike sizing into the 21st century

Smartfit Online Sizing is witnessing continued growth as it looks to deliver online bike sizing to the wider industry.

The service, which is currently in use by the likes of Giant, Merida and Scott, says it has supported over 90 million product requests over the past year, with over 4 million individual frame sizes recommended via online shops running the tool.

“Online bike retail is becoming more and more attractive for online customers if innovative bike shops and manufacturers rely on clever digital guides and advisor tools, said Smartfit. “The determination of correct frame sizes used to be one of the biggest challenges in online bike sales up until now. Online shoppers were often left alone with the frame size choice, with the only help being [confusing] size charts or graphics which cannot give an individual size recommendation. The customer’s body proportions like ratio of arm length to leg length and torso also aren’t addressed.

“Smartfit Online Sizing takes these individual body measures and translates them into an accurate frame size recommendation of the desired bike, all based on its actual geometry. Online customers don’t even have to take all measurements. The world’s largest database of body data and bike models makes it all possible.

“This all-new, customer-centred solution can be integrated into an online shop system with very little effort. The digital sizing closes a gap in online bike retail and has proven to be the top frame size tool worldwide.”

CEO Dr Björn Stapelfeldt added: “We are not only active on big shop and manufacturer sites. Our goal is that all cyclist order their dream bike in the right size. Our widget is designed to be integrated into small and big shops alike. The costs are flexible, depending on the actual demand and traffic of the shop.

“Digitalisation steadily moves forward is slowly reaching the bike industry. The bastion of analogue bike retail is under siege, but no matter the sales channel, customer service will always remain factor number one.”

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