Accessories Marketing Inc. of California, the Slime tyre sealant company, has released pre-Slimed tubeless tyres for standard rims. "Expensive custom rims no longer necessary for tubeless tyres, saving riders hassles and money," says AMI. The tyres were developed with Innova.

Slime goes tubeless

The new Slime Tubeless SRT (Standard Rim Tubeless) tyres enable riders to convert any standard, aluminium, or composite rim to tubeless, "eliminating expensive rims and conversion kits," said Jim Cegelski, CEO of AMI.

They also work on Universal Standard Tubeless (UST) rims.

Cegenski said his company worked for four years with Innova Rubber Co. Ltd. to develop the patented tyres. Specific tread and rubber compounds were developed, each customized with XC, freeride and DH performance characteristics.

"This new tyre brings elite tubeless performance to everyone who rides a bike," said Cegelski, CEO of AMI. "The tubed-tyre is going to go the way of the dinosaur."

Tubeless tyres can be ridden at lower pressures without the risk of snake-bite rim flats, improving a bike’s grip and control.

The Slime tyres are available for 26-inch and 24-inch MTB rims, with a line expansion into trekking and road tyres soon.

Slime products are distributed in 36 countries, with the goopy stuff manufactured in-house.

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