Ellsworth keen to return, while Coast cycles could prove an interesting addition to UK market

Six brands seeking UK distribution

Trade show season is often followed by a slew of fresh business, but with a short time to browse the show floor, some great product can slip under the radar. During Interbike, BikeBiz spoke to the following six brands, each very keen to forge links in the UK and beyond:

Coast Cycles

Impressing us with its short wheelbase take on a cargo bike, Singapore’s Coast Cycles have quite a variety of bikes on offer for everything from commuting, road and various takes on mountain biking.

It was The Quinn that caught our eye, however. With a 1.5 metre wheelbase, this unusual take on handling your cargo will fit into most lifts, perhaps making it the only cargo bike suitable for those in blocks of flats. It’s belt driven for low maintenance, utilising a Nexus 3-speed hub. Things get really interesting at the frame, which has a split top tube capable of housing a decent sized messenger bag without interfering with your pedal stroke. On the down tube there’s mounts for an X-Bionic motor, should the customer fancy pedal assist too. It’s already won a Red Dot Design Award, so expect to see this label cropping up more in the future.


Everyone loves a ‘performance enhancing sock’ and US-Based Swiftwick is currently without UK representation. That’s something they’d like to change.

98 per cent sourced in the States, the compression sock label blends nylon and olefin hydroplastic to create a sock that ‘mechanically wicks moisture’. We didn’t quite understand that bit either, but it seems to work – our samples have come out of the wash almost dry. What’s more, the brand is highly environmentally conscious, using no chemicals at any stage of the process, even during colouring.


Describing Germany and the UK as key areas to re-establish itself, Ellsworth is keen to get back on the map in Europe.

With a two year goal to bring all of its production back to its US base, the brand even spoke of plans to bring carbon manufacture on-site. When it does finally return, the brand will be a very different animal to its prior stint here, with the introduction of gravel bikes from this month, as well as a mountain bike line focused around 27.5, plus size tyres and 29ers.

Brooklyn Bicycle Co

Ryan Zagata’s stylish city bike label Brooklyn Bike Co has always been an independent dealer-only label and now they’ve eyes for the UK market.

The budget friendly to mid-level catalogue has a good base, with all bikes boasting sealed bearing hubs, puncture resistant tyres and some nice design details throughout. 

The range even tilts slightly in favour of women’s builds if there’s a gap on your shop floor. The brand estimates that 70 per cent of its range are for ladies. What’s more, it’s not just bikes, much of the accessories adorning the bikes come aftermarket, including stylish luggage crates, grips and soon bags.

K’ul Chocolate

Sports nutrition is undoubtedly tastier than it has been in the past, but it’s still no chocolate. Except now it is, with Miniapolis label K’ul debuting its take on tasty body boosters at Interbike.

K’ul (the Mayan word for energy) sources its product from Ecuadorian farms and is keen to reposition chocolate as a superfood. Six flavours are already available from the start up company – packing in blends of real fruit, nuts and much more. 

Tailored for athletes, the packaging is airtight and waterproof and designed for convenience on the move. If it melts, there’s even a slit opening to squeeze out the goodness. And yes, it’s delicious.

Monkey Fingers

An interesting accessory this one. Essentially just a tough bungee cord, the innovation is all in the attached bracket, which allows the cord 6 to 60-inch adjustability. It might come in handy as an add-on sale to some bike racks or as extra security for luggage carriage. 100 bungee POS units are available and the firm is open to either distribution or dealer-direct enquiries.

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