Science in Sport adopts three-pronged testing approach

SIS joins HFL’s ‘Evolved banned substance testing’ programme

Science in Sport has joined HFL’s Evolved Banned Subtance testing programme to minimise its risk of exposure to banned substance contamination.

“We know how vitally important this area of sports nutrition is. It’s something we’ve already had a rigorous approach to, but we are striving for even better to ensure that we continue to lead the way in this area,” says Stephen Moon, chief executive of SiS. “When you’re dealing with athletes’ livelihoods and reputations, there isn’t any room for error.”

With all of its products manufactured in the UK at Lancashire’s Innovation Centre, SIS will adopt a new three pronged approach during production.

Firstly, every single batch of incoming raw ingredients will have a classified risk level and be tested by the HFL laboratory.

Secondly, HFL will test SiS finished products. Initially, this analysis will focus on product registration (the same process employed for the standard Informed-Sport programme). Once registered, each product will then be tested four times per year with samples being sourced from retail outlets. This ensures that products are reflective of those purchased by consumers.

Lastly, there will be two production site audits a year. These are short notice or unannounced audits where HFL are able to turn up and take swab samples from around the site to check the facility is compliant and to ensure the raw materials sampling procedures are being adhered to.

“To the best of my knowledge, we are the first brand manufacturer to be using this three-pronged approach of raw material testing, product testing and manufacturing line swabbing,” adds Moon. “We apply this across our whole range, so it doesn’t just apply to a small selection of our manufactured products.”

HFL are the testing laboratory that handles banned substance testing for the Informed-Sport programme.

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