Last Monday, received 28,000 visits, it's best ever daily tally

Singletrack website has “most visits ever”

The magazine that was spawned from the website is currently on its 50th issue, a celebration edition.

And the website is growing.

"Last Monday was our busiest day on the site ever! Just shy of 28,000 visits," said Singletrack’s Mark Alker.

"That traffic came from 16,000 unique users.

"We’ve also just brought our third dedicated server online now. This one is going to be used to host and serve video based ads that are becoming increasingly popular and very effective.

"The bike industry is becoming ever more sophisticated and up-to-date with its advertising creative choices and it’s having an effect on not only click thru’s but also
discussion on our forum."

Singletrack also has an IBD-specific promotion for stockists. Download a poster, stand in front of it, send in pic and the bike shop could win a year’s supply of the mag.

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