Work up a thirst in the Polaris OrientBeering Challenge

Singletrack adds to ‘mini events’ to Weekender

There’s FREE BEER at the Singletrack’s Classic Weekender – if you complete the newly added Polaris OrientBeering Challenge.

Taking place at the Lee Quarry on July 9th and 10th, the Weekender will now offer more than the XC, downhill and trials competition with the addition of some ‘just for fun’ mini events to keep everyone entertained through the latter part of the Saturday.

The first of these mini-events will be the Polaris OrientBeering Challenge. This will involve navigating your way from Lee Quarry over to the not-that-far-away Cragg Quarry.

Once you’ve found Cragg Quarry you’ll have to locate a orienteering punch, punch some holes into your raceplate with it, return to Lee Quarry alive and go to the Polaris stand to collect your refreshing liquid prize.

A Weekender ticket will cost £36.

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