Mountain bike and road products to be carried by Silverfish - goods shown at CoreBike

Silverfish adds Onza tyres to stable

Silverfish UK has announced the addition of Swiss based tyre manufacturer Onza to its portfolio of brands.

Onza is a name which will have any mountain biker with a few decades of service under their belts regaling stories of white Porcupine tyres and legendary April Fool spoof tread patterns like the Octopus to riding friends. 

In days gone by, the ‘must have’ iconic brand was the tyre of choice, and no Spin wheel or Tioga Disc drive was complete until it was wrapped with Onza rubber and a skin sidewall.

2014 sees a much more up to date tyre range join the Silverfish portfolio and although skinwall casing is still an option on selected models in the range, it’s not compulsory. Driven by performance, Onza Tyres offers a wide range of products for both road and MTB riders at all levels and in all wheel sizes backed up by tyre patterns, casings and compounds.

“Onza Tyres is such an iconic name within mountain biking, it’s great to have it added to our line-up” said Silverfish marketing manager Pete Drew. “More importantly though, the tyres perform extremely well out on the trail and tarmac and with a wide range of treads available there’s a tyre for everyone.”

Silverfish will be displaying the latest tread patterns from Onza at the Core Bike show, currently taking place at Whittlebury Hall, where staff will be on hand to talk dealers though the full range of casings, compounds and tread patterns.

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