Silca releases new pumps, Y-wrench and bottle cage

Silca has released two new additions to the pump range, the Pista plus and Super Pista Digital, along with the Ypsilon Y-wrench and the new Sicurro carbon bottle cage.

The Silca Pista plus features a three-footed aluminium base and an enlarged lathe-turned Ash handle, which both draw inspiration from the ergonomics and stability of the Super Pista Ultimate platform.

The Silca Super Pista Digital floor pump features a high accuracy digital gauge and gauge readout located at the top of the barrel.

It combines a full metal shock piston design with the Italian leather plunger washer and German Igus linear bearings to create high efficiency and smooth running.

The Ypsilon Y-wrench is customisable and adaptable to the mechanic’s preferences, which is done by using a quarter inch bit collet with a magnetic attachment in place of one of the hex wrenches.

The other two ends of the tool are 4mm and 5mm hex keys.

It is offered in three variants, the Ypsilon Home Kit, the Ypsilon Travel Kit or just the Y-wrench.

The Sicuro Carbon Bottle Cage focuses on lateral stability and vibration dampening.

Its lateral profile means it can extend the majority of the water bottle and the vibration dampening issue is solved by focusing on the thickness of the carbon layup.

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