The A5 bi-monthly MTB ‘zine launched by Steve Toze in 1996 is now aiming for bigger and better things. Race goers will now have to cough £2 for a copy but bike shops get 50 copies free. They can either sell them for the cover price or give them away to favoured customers

Shred comes of age: it’s 21 issues old

As a freebie, Mud Dock can shift 300 copies of Shred every two months. With the August issue having a cover price of £2, IBDs now have to decide whether to sell the magazine (and pocket the dosh) or continue to give them away free.

The magazine is dependent on ad revenue rather than cover sales.

It started as just a ‘zine for the south west of England but has grown into a key ‘underground’ title with national appeal. Toze has been working full time on the magazine for nearly a year.

“Shred has never been marketed as a magazine like all the others. We have

always aimed to take the product forward as a product that would assist bike

stores,” said Toze.

“Shred is a great way for shops to get customers in through the door. Many stores won’t sell magazines, as it’s space hungry. Shred is small enough to keep on the counter top.

“The best shops are able to use Shred as an aid to sales. They can sell them

if they need to for £2 and keep the lot or, if a bit wiser, they can give the

magazines out with bike sales or to people looking to get into bike riding.”

Toze claims the August issue will have a circulation of 8000 copies.

Key advertisers include Silverfish, BeOne UK and hard-core bike shops.

Tel: 01752 671464

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