Instead of a static show at the NEC alone, the Cycle & Leisure Show is being converted into a four-venue roadshow. Hyde's Leisure Expo Ltd. will then have two travelling trade shows, the Spring 03 show and the September 02 Cycle & Leisure Roadshow, announced a few months ago.

Show shake-up as Hyde puts wheels under the Spring 03 expo

The venues have yet to be finalised but are expected to be at Sandown, Harrogate, NEC Birmingham and at least one other venue, probably in Bristol.

This about face is due to the decline in attendance figures at Hyde’s NEC show, due in no small part to the Bicycle Association’s Harrogate trade show launched two years ago in opposition to the independently-owned Cycle & Leisure Show.

Hyde said: "With the current confusion regarding UK cycle shows, it seems unlikely that one main event will be possible for next year. Leisure Expo has therefore decided to change the format of the Cycle and Leisure Show for 2003, and provide the industry with an alternative and sensible choice."

Hyde believes a Spring roadshow could attract 50 or so exhibitors, not all of whom have to travel to each venue.

"Companies will be able to decide which venues they exhibit at, enabling them to target the retail areas that are most relevant," aid Hyde.

"The concept of a spring roadshow is not new. The last one ran successfully in 1998, prior to the launch of the Cycle and Leisure Show in 1999."

‘Cycle and Leisure On The Road’ will retain the fashion show, a bike test area and there will be side-rooms for demonstrations and seminars.

"Overall cost of exhibiting will be less than last year’s Cycle and Leisure Show and, of course, stand fitting costs will be significantly reduced for space only companies, who will only require simple and easily erected display units. Modular stands will still be available where required," said Hyde.

"Whilst I still believe that this industry deserves a flagship event, I feel that a spring roadshow is the best possible alternative for next year. As a company we will always try to provide events that are tailored to suit the current climate, and it could be that this format will continue into another year. As in 1998, we now have a show for 2003 that will suit the majority of suppliers and retailers, and will also allow time for the industry to formulate a cohesive exhibition strategy for the future."

Dates confirmed so far are March 10-11th in Sandown, March 16-17th at the NEC and 18-19th in Harrogate. Any Bristol stopover would be after the Harrogate show.

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