At Eurobike there was a night road ride. For Interbike, Specialized riders have set off on a 700-mile ride to Vegas.

Show rides

Big bike shows. Good excuse for a ride or two.

At Eurobike, the Demo Day was accompanied by a night road bike ride, sponsored by Lightweight, the German carbon specialist HQ’ed next to Friedrichshafen airport, within sight of the Messe.

For Interbike, Specialized organises a marathon group road ride from its Californian HQ to Las Vegas, a hot trip of nearly 700 miles. Company president and founder Mike Sinyard always joins dealers, staffers and journos for the desert ride. There will be a report on the ride next week. For now, here are some pix from the first day.

Below, there’s a video of last year’s ride.

Back in Germany, last week, James Lamont, a Scot who now lives in Switzerland, an innovation and development consultant, took part in the Lightweight-sponsored ride.

"I was lucky to have a bike with me, and took the chance to join the road ride at 1830 on Wednesday evening," said Lamont.

"It was sad to see all the stressed, hot people streaming out of the West Entrance at 1830. I often see these events listed at conferences and fairs. Wish more people had joined us. We did a super two hour ride, to the top of the highest hill in the area, fabulous views, fantastic descent.

"The people from Lightweight put a lot of thought and effort into this. We had a support van and trailer with a photographer on the climbs, and a second people carrier with lights and spare clothes for people in the know about the fast descent.

"The view of Bodensee from the top was breathtaking.

"On the way back, in the dark, we rode in tight group with a car in front and the van behind to protect us.

"More industry people should take the time to join this ride next year. It refreshed me and gave me the energy for the next day."

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