Container ship shortages and increased costs likely to last until at least mid-2011

Shipping woes set to continue

Shipping companies are struggling to keep up with demand, sparking container shortages and price rise fears in the cycle industry, according to this BikeEurope report.

There is currently a shortage in available containers to the tune of two million – a shortfall expected to last until at least mid-2011, claimed Dynamar shipping consultant Dirk De Visser.

Increased demand, scrappage of old containers and the failure to order new ones are some of the factors that have led to the shortages. Ships are also reportedly sailing slower to save on fuel costs and there has been an increase in exports from Asia compared to the US or Europe, resulting in empty containers in Europe that could be put to use in Asia.

The report added that importers have filed complaints to Brussels over price fixing by shipping agencies.

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