"We will do our part to ensure that Shimano is to bikes what Intel is to PCs," said the owner of the PR consultancy charged with boosting Shimano's name in the US.

Shimano USA signs with Shift

Shift Communications of Boston and San Francisco said it will support Shimano in "educating the American public about how bicycling is part of the solution to many of our nation’s worst problems such as traffic congestion, pollution and health issues.

"Shift will be a strong partner for Shimano. They understand that reputations drive revenues, just as cycling drives better health," said Jasen Thorpe, director of media relations with Shimano.

"We were blown away by Shift’s enthusiasm and creativity, and are convinced they can help to create excitement about Shimano’s products among key audiences."

Jim Joyal, principal at Shift, said:

"We are proud that a global brand leader like Shimano chose Shift for strategic counsel and tactical implementation of core programs. We will do our part to ensure that Shimano is to bikes what Intel is to PCs. The quality of the components drives the power of the experience."

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