Shimano Europe is increasing the benefits of being a Shimano Service Centre, including increased marketing to consumers. In return, Shimano Europe wants IBDs to offer greater committment to the concept. Full details were released at the Madison Dealer Convention.

Shimano Service Centre concept revamped

Madison is backing Shimano Europe’s bolstering of the programme and is adding elements to the mix, including increased support to ATG’s NVQ Cytech training. Shimano Service Centres will get preferential prices on tools and lubes, and product previews as well as first access to new products.

Participating stores will have to stock and display PoP such as window decals and Shimano promoting light boxes. IBDs could also lease in-store display units.

The most significant benefit, though, is the pushing of consumers through to Shimano Service Centres. There are a number of marketing initiatives planned, all aimed at raising the national profile of the Shimano Service Centre concept.

“Until now, Shimano Service Centre marketing has rested almost entirely with the appointed dealership,” said Madison’s Patrick Barker.

“This has led to a variable level of marketing and remained almost exclusively local, giving the Shimano Service Centre concept no national recognition.”

Marketing plans include:

* Dealer listings on consumer magazine adverts promoting the SSC concept.

* A SSC local dealer information line promoted in Yellow Pages and

* A consumer-facing website,, which will include a dealer listing and ‘store autobiography’

* Linking in with Sustrans, matching participating dealers on National Cycle Network routes

* Poster advertising in close proximity to participating dealers. Costs to be shared.

On all advertising, dealers will be categorised with symbols. A road specialist will be tagged with a road bike icon, and will be expected to stock Shimano road kit in-depth. Ditto for an MTB specialist. A crossed spanners logo will denote a shop with workshop staff with Cytech NVQ qualifications available from ATG. At lest one member of staff must have been on the ATG course. Other logos will feature shoe/pedal graphics, wheel-building symbols and internal hub logos.

Participating dealers will be assessed on an annual basis with bad payers running the risk of havng their SSC status removed.

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