Bikes, fishing tackle and now rowing kit

Shimano sculls sideways into rowing

In 2009 Shimano Inc. will expand into the rowing equipment business, taking advantage of the company’s manufacturing technologies developed in the production of bicycle components and fishing tackle.

To begin with, Shimano plans to develop and launch rowing shoes and foot stretchers during 2009, through use of its technologies for producing cycling shoes and bicycle pedals. In five years, the Corporation plans to grow its annual sales of rowing equipment to approximately 3 billion yen.

Rowing, along with bicycle racing, was among the first sports events adopted for the modern Olympic Games.

A company statement said:

"Shimano will develop and supply high-quality rowing equipment that satisfies top rowers’ meticulous demands. Through these endeavors, Shimano hopes to help improve rowers’ performance levels. At the same time, Shimano plans to supply products for beginners, so as to increase the number of rowers and foster the rowing culture."

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