Announcement of Voluntary Recall of Shimano front wheel 'quick release' for bicycles supplied after 1 November 2005.

Shimano issues QR recall


Shimano has identified a potential safety issue concerning a ‘quick release’ that is fitted to front wheels of certain road and off-road bicycles. In certain cases, it is possible that after the ‘quick release’ is locked into position, the ‘quick release’ axle could fail or break spontaneously. If this happens during cycling, the cyclist may lose control of the bicycle, which could lead to serious injuries. As all Shimano products should meet the highest industry standards, as a precautionary measure, and in the interests of putting the safety of its consumers first, Shimano has decided to undertake a voluntary recall of all affected quick releases.

The affected ‘quick release’ is fitted to Shimano hub assemblies and to wheels fitted with Shimano hub assemblies. Shimano and its authorised distributors have sold them to OEMs for incorporation into new bicycles, and as aftermarket products.

A small number of ‘quick releases’ have also been sold as spare parts.

There have been no reports of accidents related to this issue.

Only quick releases with a silver-plated axle and purchased after 1 November 2005 are affected by this voluntary recall.

The only potentially affected Shimano hubs carry the following codes, which are clearly printed on the hubs:

HB-5501 (105) HB-5600 (105) HB-6600 (ULTEGRA) HB-7800 (DURA-ACE) HB-M756 (XT) HB-M760 (XT) HB-M765 (XT) HB-M960 (XTR) HB-M965 (XTR) DH-2N71 (Sport Dynamo) DH-3N71 (Sport Dynamo) DH-3D71 (Sport Dynamo) HB-HF08 (Tandem)

It is possible that these Shimano hubs have been fitted to wheels manufactured by manufacturers other than Shimano.

The only potentially affected Shimano wheels carry the following codes, which are clearly printed on the hubs:

WH-7801 (DURA-ACE) WH-7801C (DURA-ACE) WH-7801C50 (DURA-ACE) WH-7801SL (DURA-ACE) WH-M965 (XTR) WH-R600


– Shimano front wheel ‘quick releases’ with a black axle instead of silver-plated axle; – Shimano front wheel ‘quick releases’ supplied before 1 November 2005; – Shimano front wheel ‘quick releases’ supplied after 1 November 2005 but marked with an ‘ok’ sticker or a ‘2-letter-code’ sticker at the inside of the ‘quick release’ lever and/or a red/pink dot near the neck of the axle; – Shimano rear wheel ‘quick releases’.

If a consumer’s bicycle is assembled with an affected ‘quick release’, or a consumer is unsure about it, he/she should stop using the bicycle immediately. Consumers should remove the ‘quick release’ from the front wheel and return it to the nearest Shimano dealer for a replacement ‘quick release’ free of charge. If a consumer is unable to check the affected ‘quick release’ him/herself, he/she should bring (NOT CYCLE!) the bicycle to the nearest Shimano dealer to have it checked and if necessary replace the ‘quick release’ at no cost.

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