Handlebar, stem and carbon wheels given to Shimano sponsored riders

Shimano and PRO develop new product for Olympic athletes

Shimano and PRO, together with a number of Olympic athletes, have developed a series of new products designed for track sprinting. A set of full carbon wheels, a handlebar and stem and also signature shoes will be given to Shimano sponsored athletes.

The handlebar and stem was designed with input from Dutch track cyclist Theo Bos. This combination is made of the lightest and strongest carbon fibre currently available. These extremely rigid and light components are designed with minimal energy wastage in mind.

Shimano has also developed a set of carbon fibre track wheels. A five spoke front wheel, a disc front wheel and a disc rear wheel. These new carbon track wheels are made of uni-directional carbon fiber, meaning that all fibers of the different layers are placed in the same tensional direction. E.g. the disc rear wheel is made of more than 20 different sections, having different and optimal tensional direction at each separate section. This technology offers the possibility to have maximum strength and rigidity with a minimum of material. The result: not only a strong and rigid wheel, but also exceptional light weighted.

All Shimano sponsored riders have also received a pair of white racing shoes branded with their own name and their national flag, ready for the kick off of the track racing events on Friday.


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