SGL is the only Euro manufacturer of carbon fibre for sports applications

SGL sponsors German cycling squad

The SGL Group will be the main sponsor of the German cycling team at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The team will now be known as SGL Team Beijing.

A company statement said: "One main reason for the company sponsoring this sport is the relationship between its product portfolio and cycling. The SGL Group is the only European manufacturer among eight worldwide carbon fibre manufacturers that produces materials for sports applications such as open sea racing yachts, golf clubs, kayaks, surfboards etc. High-performance racing cycles are now made almost exclusively from carbon fibre composites."

The company also has eyes on Asia:

"Another reason for sponsoring the team is the geographical focus of the SGL Group’s growth strategy in Asia, particularly China. The company is supporting a German sports team for the Olympic Games in a country where the SGL Group has several production sites."

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