Seventies last staged the grass-roots BMX-fest in 1997 but suspended the event when contracted to produce the BMX air- and street-shows at Future's Bike consumer shows at the NEC. Now with former Future show organiser Chris Holman in the Backyard Jam driving seat, the event is back on the calendar and will be staged at three venues

Seventies resurrect Backyard Jam

According to Ride BMX magazine (Oct/Nov 2001) Backyard Jams were "frankly the best events in BMX, ever."

But, according to the Seventies website pushing the new events, the replacement shows at the NEC never caught on in the same way.

"In four years [the NEC event] became one of the best contests in the world. Trouble is, while the riding was amazing, the rest of the set-up wasn’t. So now seems a good time to get back to basics. The philosophy behind the Backyard Jams is pretty simple – riders having a good time and the people watching doing the same.

Three Backyard Jams are planned.

Plans for the Jams include street and flatland jams and contests featuring the world’s top riders, plus breakdancing, PlayStation2 game pods, video screenings and stands from BMX companies.

The venues are: Telford (16-17th March), Hastings (13-14th July), home to the original Backyard Jam, and Derby’s Storm Skate Park (October 2002).

Chris Holman of Seventies told "We’re guaranteed a great turnout of pro riders just because Seventies are mates with them all! Etnies are sponsoring the event, so their full team will be there and all the other riders just love the laid-back atmosphere over here compared to the X-Games and stuff."

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