Serotta Bikes of the US is getting used to press interest in its $3000+ machines. It helps to have a presidential candidate riding one of your bikes, perhaps even better when the candidate falls off. "We can't make a fall-proof bike," Ben Serotta told his local newspaper, The Saratogian.

Serotta bikes cross the political divide, argues Ben Serotta

"As far as politics go, we’ve built bicycles for high-ranking Republicans," Serotta told the newspaper.

A Serotta bike "doesn’t seem to follow party lines."

But if Democrat John Kerry – ‘owner’ of three Serotta’s, including an Ottrott – wins the US presidential election in November, Ben Serotta, a bike builder since 1975, will cheer louder than most:

"It would be pretty cool to have a bike in the White House," he said.…/news.cfm?newsid=11837336&BRD=1169&PAG=461&dept_id=17708&rfi=6

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