Selle San Marco widens product range with Shortfit Narrow

Selle San Marco has widened its range of products with the Shortfit Carbon FX Narrow, Shortfit Racing Narrow and Shortfit Dynamic Narrow.

The ergonomic shape of the new Shortfit Narrow features reduced length and ensures ‘proper support’ in the rear section and ‘optimum pressure distribution’ in the front section.

The shape of the saddle features a shorter length, which the company has said guarantees correct support on the back part, which is 134mm on the Narrow version. 

The long central cutout (Open-Fit) provides comfort and support on the length of the saddle, and the company has said this feature improves the blood flow, preventing numbness and providing relief from pressure on the perineum. 

Selle San Marco used a technology called augmented reality, which provides a "clear and precise" idea of the size of the product, as well as the ergonomic surface and the materials used to make it. 

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