Selle Royal launches its first reflective saddle

Selle Royal has launched its first reflective saddle, the Vivo Reflective Athletic.

The new Vivo Reflective Athletic offers increased visibility through a reflective film sealed on the rear of the saddle. It is suitable for bikes set up to be ridden in a sportier riding position where the spine is positioned at a 45-degree angle to the ground.

Selle Royal has positioned a channel down the centre of the Vivo Reflective Athletic and has also added an embossed surface on the saddle where the ischial bones come into contact with it.

Michele Manca, product manager at Selle Royal, said: “The Vivo Reflective Athletic gives that extra peace of mind that riders need when cycling on busy streets.

“We hope this new saddle will encourage those who have started to enjoy the benefits of a cycling lifestyle this year – whether that’s for fun, fitness or just getting around town – to stay on their bikes as the summer draws to a close.”

The Vivo Reflective Athletic Saddle is available on the Selle Royal website and in Selle Royal retail partners worldwide. SRP: €29.90.

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