Selle Italia launches new X-Bow saddle for off-road riding

Selle Italia has launched the new X-Bow saddle for off-road riding.

Dedicated to the mountain biking, enduro, e-bike and gravel disciplines, X-Bow is the result of specific studies that led Selle Italia to patent an innovative rail fixing technique offering a series of new advantages. In the X-Bow, the rail is fixed in the rearmost part of the saddle, almost on the edge, freeing the part of the body on which the ischial bones and perineal areas press, in turn limiting the pressure exerted by these zones on the saddle.

The X-Bow rail also allows greater regulation of the saddle insofar as the new rail positioning technique allows a larger area on which to fix the saddle post. This means greater flexibility for the biker’s fit, said Selle Italia. The X-Bow also helps further cushion vibrations caused by rough terrain and the stresses typical of off-road disciplines, thanks to the presence of Shock-Absorbers between the rail and body.

The X-Bow is a short, neutrally shaped saddle with the rear part slightly raised for greater stability, and features a Soft-Tek covering. It is available in two versions – one with TI316 rail and one with Fec Alloy rail. Both models, each with different graphics, will be supplied only with a drilled body, but with the option for padding with or without the Superflow hole, and with a choice of size S or L.

X-Bow Fec Alloy
Size: S (145mm x 255mm)/ L (155mm x 255mm)
Weight: S3 346gr/ L3 354 gr – S1 346gr/ L1 356gr
Rail: Fec Alloy
Cover: Soft-Tek
Idmatch size: S3/L3 – S1/L1
Recommended retail price: £49.99

X-Bow TI316
Size: S (145mm x 255mm)/ L (155mm x 255mm
Weight: S3 266gr/ L3 274 gr – S1 266gr/ L1 276gr
Rail: TI316
Cover: Soft-Tek
Idmatch size: S3/L3 – S1/L1
Recommended retail price:£119.99


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