The Signo - patented and two years in development - sounds just the ticket. It is "the first example of a new industrial invention based on the 'articulated oscillating saddle base', a saddle wobbles around a longitudinal axis during use. This is said to reduce pressure points, limits inner thigh rubbing, improves leg force and "helps cyclists keep to the rear of the saddle, unlike harder and stiffer saddles which generally cause them to slide forward," says a statement from Selle Italia.

Selle Italia launch miracle saddle

The shell of Selle Italia’s new saddle is free to oscillate around a central pin positioned at the rear of the shell and integral to the rail. The two wings of the rail deform during oscillation and then push the shell back to its central home position.

Selle Italia has been "perfectly aware of the extent of the innovation brought about by Signo right from the start. It worked closely with internationally famous institutes in order to ensure that the technical-scientific evaluations and findings would be as stringent and independent as possible."

The academic orgs to have worked on the saddle include the Centre Medico Sporif de la Ville de Lyon of France and – CENTRE MEDICO SPORTIF DE LA VILLE DE LYON (France) The results of the ergonomic tests performed on the Ergovision lab at the Scrivia valley techno park, Alessandria, Italy.

Selle Italia said these orgs agree that the Signo "is more stable thanks to the excellent quality and workmanship of the cove; promotes a totally natural and non-critical position in the area supporting the ischiatic bones, the impact of which on the saddle is almost totally neutral; accompanies the pushing leg better during pedalling and improves the transmission of force; improves pedal strokes while the leg is rising; helps cyclists keep to the rear of the saddle, unlike harder and stiffer saddles which generally cause them to slide forward."

Singo also "attenuates body/saddle separation and/or jolting; improves shifting of the lower dead centre position of the pedal, thus accelerating that of the upper dead centre position; transmits driving force more rapidly and directly ; improves the continuity of prolonged effort, and improves performance and energy exploitation."

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