Selle Italia extends its idmatch offer, launches new waved Novus Boost Evo

Selle Italia has launched a new idmatch function to determine the ‘ideal’ saddle shape.

The brand has also introduced the new Novus Boost Evo saddle with a waved shape, an evolution of the historical Novus model.

The idmatch system, developed by the research and development department of Selle Italia, uses “precise measuring instruments to determine the ideal saddle size and best position on the bike for all cyclists”.

It is now also possible to identify the most suitable saddle shape based on each person’s innate pelvic rotation, said Selle Italia. “To do so, two alternative parameters can be assessed: on one hand the dynamic or static behaviour of the cyclist while pedalling, and on the other, their pelvic rotation when not under stress,” said a statement. “Identifying the cyclist’s ‘profile’ is relatively simple: a ‘dynamic’ profile moves a lot on the saddle in natural search of different positions; while a ‘static’ profile tends to keep their hips still and a stable position even for long periods.

“There is an easy and simple way of assessing a person’s pelvic rotation by simply asking them to stand up with their shoulders, buttocks and heels against the wall: if the distance between the wall and their lower back is substantial, their pelvic rotation is anterior, whereas if their lower back touches the wall, then rotation is posterior. There is also a neutral position, which occurs if the lumbar curve is naturally aligned with the rest of the spine when leaning against the wall.”

Selle Italia therefore recommends, based on a rider’s pelvic rotation, three different saddle shapes that correspond to three different models:
– For those with front pelvic rotation, the ideal shape is flat and the suggested model is Flite Boost
– For those with neutral rotation, the most suitable saddle is the SLR Boost or SP-01 Boost
– For those with rear pelvic rotation, the saddle needs to be waved. In this case, the recommended model is the new Novus Boost Evo

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