Laurie Sedman's Consortium of Bicycle Retailers has not gone pop, it's changed tack: "Any rumours you may have heard regarding bankruptcy, or CoBR being no more, are untrue and probably wishful thinking on the part of some."

Sedman relaunches Federation of Cycle Mechanics and other CoBR stuff

Sedman has re-packaged his services: CoBR was a buying group with a marketing element.

However, ecobr marketing is "the first independent marketing group for the independent cycle retailer providing services known to increase sales and profitability," claimed Sedman.

The re-jig came about after a year’s close consultancy with Longstaff Cycles.

"Along hith George Longstaff and store manager Martin Armstrong, I have proven that all the ideas and methods work and produce new income streams," stated Sedman.

"Many major suppliers are now knocking on the door of Longstaff Cycles wanting their products sold by them."

Sedman’s e-cobr marketing is said to be "a new amalgamation of services and companies that covers all the bases of marketing and promotion for the independent cycle retailer and the cycle and accessory supplier."

e-cobr, like CoBR, still offers discounted credit card transaction rates and deals on insurance but the core elements are marketing-based.

There’s an e-cobr web-portal with advice, information, news and e-commerce. This links to the website for the relaunched Federation of Cycle Mechanics which is no longer a CyTech clone but an online promotion of cycle workshops and mechanics.

ecobr has a discount bike site called lastyearskit which, once updated from the 2002 version of the site, will sell bikes and bits made semi-obsolescent by the cycle trade’s obsession with selling bikes from the future.

Sedman is also promising two database websites, one a list of UK cycle mechanics and the other a list of UK cycle retailers, as well as a whycycle clone called and a cycle events listings site.

There are four ‘membership’ levels with packages starting from £24.00 per annum.

Here are the relevant URLs. Note, not all have yet to made live.

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