Now smaller with a longer lasting battery, the device texts the owner if the bike is moved and tracks it too

Second edition of anti-theft GPS tracker bike light launched

A new edition of the Spybike GPS bike tracker is now available.

The device, which doubles up as a bike tail light, notifies the owner by SMS if the bicycle moves and provides online tracking.

The new edition is smaller, with a longer lasting battery. Waterproofing has also been improved and the GPS is stronger too, we’re told.

When owners lock their bike up they just have to arm the tracker by holding the on/off button for three seconds. Then, in the annoying event that the bike is pilfered, Spylamp 2 will detect prolonged motion and send an SMS message.

From that point on, Spylamp tracks the bike and the owner can follow the bike’s movements on a computer of smartphone.

Spylamp 2 will ‘sleep’ when the bike stops moving but will spur back into action if the thief moves the bike again and will track the movements once more.

Spylamp 2 is available online, retailing just shy of £90. We’re waiting to hear if there is a distribution deal in place for the trade. In the meantime you can contact the firm directly at

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