SeaSucker joins i-ride’s portfolio

SeaSucker will join the Sussex based distributor i-ride’s portfolio alongside the likes of De Rosa, Fulcrum, Speedplay, Northwave and more.

The brand, established in 2009, has a bike line comprising of seven models that utilise their pump-action vacuum cup technology. The cups are extremely strong, as evidenced by their use in the marine and construction industries, and will stick to almost any surface a car has to offer: paint, glass, fibreglass, carbon fibre, even panoramic roofs.

The racks themselves are versatile, as they aren’t specific to particular vehicles. SeaSucker has also recently signed a deal to provide the UCI with bike racks for all World Road Championship events for the next three years.

Marketing manager Adam Glew said: “We are a big fan of SeaSucker’s innovative range, we believe it works well alongside our other prestigious brands and offers the quality and versatility that consumers demand today. We’re looking forward to working with the guys and growing the brand’s presence in the UK”

I-Ride anticipates the first delivery of stock in January 2018. Anyone wishing to find out more or to place pre-orders can get in touch now at The brand will appear on the website in the forthcoming weeks.

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