The 2005 International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) Report Card gives Scotland an 'A' for "outstanding mountain biking and successful bicycle advocacy," beating British Columbia in the Global Superstar category. The UK as a whole gets a B+. Wales gets a B and so does England. MTB access is "slowly increasing" in England, said IMBA, but "150 miles of walking trails still closed to bikes." Quite.

Scotland earns top marks in MTB report card

The IMBA report, now in its seventh edition, uses input from IMBA’s network of reps, online polling from IMBA members and staff evaluations to gauge the riding opportunities and advocacy strength in the US, Canadian Provinces and nations with significant IMBA activities.

Next week, IMBA members will receive the complete Report Card in the organisation’s internationally distributed newsletter, Trail News.

Last year, Scotland got an A-.



Other Categories:…/itn_18_4_report_card.html#Summary

UK – B+

Increasing number of affiliated clubs/Need more individual members

Scotland – A

Bike-friendly Forestry department/Frequent rain tough on trails

Wales – B

Bike tourism on the rise/Forestry department says it lacks funds for repairs

England – B

Access slowly increasing/150,000 miles of walking trails still closed to bikes

Northern Ireland – C

Strong mountain bike clubs in Belfast/Lacks purpose-built trails

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