Innovative BMX firm is the creator of the seatpost 17mm wrench and unique dropouts

Scoop to handle Kis Bike Co distribution

Yorkshire BMX firm Kis Bike Co (Keep it Simple) has linked with Scoop Distribution.

The rider-run firm has only had product on UK shores since September 2010, though is soon to branch into complete bikes. Alex Allan, the director of KisBikeCo Commented: “This is a very exciting step for KisBikeCo and our fist major leap forward to establish a foothold in the UK BMX Market. Mason Smith (from Scoop Distribution) believes strongly in our products and branding and wants to help us achieve our potential. We are very lucky and pleased to be in this situation so early in the game. It gives us renewed energy and enthusiasm to keep pushing the possibilities and knowing that others, such as Mason, believe in us, is fantastic.”

Currently the line is made up of sprockets frames, forks, a pivotal seatpost with a hidden 17mm wrench, a saddle and soft goods. The frame and forks are compatible exclusively with female axles due to a closed dropout design, seen here.

Mason Smith, MD of Scoop Distribution comments: “We are looking forward to working with KisBikeCo and its always good to help out another UK-based company. I just love the socket tool seat post, it was obvious that Alex has a different way at looking at product design and I cant wait to see what he comes up with next.”

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