Redesign to help consumers decide what product to take and when

Science in Sport re-brand to ‘make purchasing nutrition goods simpler’

Science in Sport has rebranded its packaging and point of sale units to better assist consumers in purchasing decisions and the ‘best use’ of its product.

The nutrition brand has developed an ‘at a glance’ grouping system, which will feature on packaging and point of sale units. The ‘rebrand’ also takes into consideration the mis-use of some supplements and better advises customers on the optimal use of its product, particularly when to consume each.

The four ‘groups’ developed by the brand are Energize, Hydrate, Recover and Enhance. You’ll find the firm’s bars, energy drinks and gels under the Energize label. Hydrate branding covers the Go Electrolyte and Superhydro labelled product. Recover is based around the Rego and Rego Rapid lines, both of which are high protein formulas best consumed post exercise. Finally, the Enhance label covers all product that is more centered around long-term gains.

The flavour of each sachet, gel, bar or any other SIS branded product will now take pride of place at the top of the packaging.

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