Science in Sport launches Beta Fuel range

Science in Sport has ‘revolutionised’ its Beta Fuel formulation, harnessing a new scientifically proven carbohydrate ratio.

The newly-researched ratio of 1:0.8 maltodextrin to fructose increases the percentage of ingested carbohydrate that is oxidised – from 62% to 74% – when compared with a traditional 2:1 blend. This allows the body to use up to 90g of carbohydrate per hour.

The Science in Sport team has also taken consideration into reducing the symptoms of gastrointestinal distress and nausea with this blend. Beta Fuel is now available in the following forms:

– Energy Drink Powder – 80g carbohydrate with neutral pH and isotonic formulation to minimise GI distress
– Gels – 40g carbohydrate including gels with nootropics for improved cognitive function
– Chew bars – 40g carbohydrate; 20g per chew with easy-to-chew formula

“By utilising the latest scientific research, we have been able to completely change the game when it comes to fuelling endurance athletes,” said Stephen Moon, CEO of Science in Sport PLC. “It’s always been a fine art, but we’ve never been closer to perfection as we are now.

“By adjusting our carbohydrate ratio, optimising carbohydrate delivery, and minimising gastrointestinal issues, our Beta Fuel is now able to take athletes to new heights of performance and enter into an exciting new era of endurance training and racing.”

Professor James Morton, director of performance solutions at Science in Sport, said: “One of the greatest challenges in any sport is to quickly, conveniently, and adequately fuel in the throes of competition. Our science but practical based solution – underpinned by an optimal ratio of maltodextrin and fructose – is the key to Beta Fuel.

“We have spent years researching and finessing the optimum carbohydrate delivery system to allow athletes to fuel their best performances. We are confident that our latest product range is the most sophisticated and complete on the market and is set to redefine the way athletes approach endurance sports.”

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