Scicon Sports pivots production to develop face masks

Scicon Sports has pivoted its production of bags and protective eyewear to manufacture a selection of personal protection items, in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The brand has converted its entire production line to create protective respirator face masks and protective eyewear in response to the request of companies, private entities and law enforcement agencies for protective equipment.

Located in Veneto, Scicon Sports presents the first model of a protective respirator face mask following extensive prototype testing and the selection of various fabrics in collaboration with Italian fabric suppliers.

The new mask complies with FFP1 standards, even if it is not currently approved as such, as timelines do not allow rapid testing. The brand has said an application with the Italian National Institute of Health has been made. As of now, Scicon Sports’ protective respirator face masks are considered as ‘filtering screens’, designed and manufactured on the basis of Article 16 Paragraph 2 of a Decree issued by the Italian Government on 17th March, that authorises the production and distribution of filtering masks without CE mark and excludes them from prepossession of commercial standards.

Claudio Fantin, marketing strategist of the ASG Group, said: “We decided to try our best to help with our team at great effort. We have been developing high-performance products for athletes for 40 years now and we are convinced that many others can protect themselves.

“Technical cycling fabrics are ideal for masks and sports eyewear are very effective screens for protecting the eyes from saliva. We admit that we are at war and we must unite to win the fight against COVID-19.

“We urge all apparel manufacturers to follow our model and we are ready to provide as much insight as we can to help, from drawings, data sheets and information on materials, to tips and suggestions for anyone that wants to follow suit.”

Scicon Sports has not confirmed its daily production capacity, as the supply of raw materials and potential closure of productions of suppliers remains uncertain and relies on the enforcement of the latest decree issued by the Italian Government to further reduce the impact of the pandemic.

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